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Cutting method of laser bridge cutting machine Empty Cutting method of laser bridge cutting machine

Mon Feb 20, 2023 8:38 am
The cutting method is different for different processing objects (thick plate and thin plate) of the laser bridge cutting machine. If the thin plate is selected, the program will complete the cutting at one time at the set lower position; If the thick plate is selected, it is necessary to input the left feed lowering amount and the right feed lowering amount, and the display unit is counted in the feed time seconds, then the program will control the tool rest to move back and forth within the lower limit of the vertical tool lowering until the cutting is completed

1. Cutting length (mm): the displacement of the blade lifting and moving longitudinally to the next cutting position after the blade is lowered and cut, i.e. the longitudinal length of the lower stone;

2. Number of stones: the number of stones to be cut by the longitudinal cutting of the whole rough board;

3. The blade thickness is based on the selected specific thickness of the saw according to the material and thickness of the rough plate, and the control system will automatically add the blade thickness to calculate the accurate cutting blade length;

4. Bedplate angle

5. Longitudinal count of cross beam: compare the cutting length. After each piece of cutting is completed and the tool holder is lifted and repositioned, carry out the displacement of the next cutting cross beam. The displayed displacement should be equal to the value of cutting length plus the value of tool thickness;

6. Cut Specification: displays the actual width of the current cut rough board;

7. Cut Quantity: automatically displays the number of stones that have been cut during the work process

Homing of laser bridge cutter after cutting Select the homing mode of beam and tool holder after cutting; Automatically return the beam and tool holder to the set starting position; Manual homing limit switch set position The tool holder automatically returns to the set starting position
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