stone machinery and diamond tools
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Brief introduction of diamond saw blade Empty Brief introduction of diamond saw blade

Wed Jul 05, 2023 11:57 am
Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, which is widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as stone and ceramics.

1. Continuous edge saw blade: continuous serrated diamond saw blade, generally made by sintering method, bronze binder is commonly used as the basic matrix material, water must be added to ensure the cutting effect when cutting, and the type of cutting gap is used by laser.

2. Segment saw blade: the teeth are broken, the cutting speed is fast, suitable for both dry and wet cutting methods.

3. Turbine saw blade: Combining the advantages of the previous items 1 and 2, the saw teeth continuously present a turbine-shaped uniform convex and concave, which improves the cutting speed and increases the service life.

The diamond saw blade is mainly composed of two parts: matrix and segment. The matrix is the main supporting part of the bonding segment, while the segment is the part that cuts during use. The segment will be continuously consumed during use, while the matrix is No, the reason why the segment can play the role of cutting is because it contains diamond, which is currently a hard substance, and it rubs and cuts the processed object in the segment. The diamond particles are wrapped in the segment by metal.
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