stone machinery and diamond tools
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Characteristics of diamond blade Empty Characteristics of diamond blade

Thu Mar 03, 2022 8:51 am
Characteristics of diamond blade

The diamond blade comprises a base material and a knife body, the base material is provided with convex grooves along the disc edge, the convex grooves are evenly distributed with a plurality of dovetail grooves along the circle, an inverted dovetail convex wedge is arranged in the middle of two adjacent dovetail concave grooves, and a rib plate is arranged at the root of the convex groove and the middle ring at the bottom of a plurality of concave grooves. The knife body is fixed by the dovetail concave groove On the convex ridge composed of dovetail convex wedge and rib plate.

Scope of application

Integrated circuit chip laser cutting; Production and processing of jadeite jade crystal crafts; Processing technology: production and processing of porcelain optical lenses; Medical specimen collection, optical cable and cable connection, production and processing; The silicone rubber sealing strip of the vehicle is disconnected, the shoplifter turns over the bundle of plastic products with several back inspection metal materials, the bone pit white micro rack is disconnected, and other precious raw materials are drilled, produced and processed.
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