stone machinery and diamond tools
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What are the advantages of stone machinery? Empty What are the advantages of stone machinery?

Thu Aug 18, 2022 11:43 am

Wanlong stone machinery is widely used equipment in the industry and is favored by customers. The advantages of machinery are the most important issues for customers and the value of stone machinery. So what are the advantages and characteristics of Wanlong stone machinery? We will analyze and explain for you .

1. The frame adopts an integrated structure, with good rigidity and no deformation.

2. The spindle adopts high-precision and high-performance two-door electric spindle, which has low machining vibration and high rotation accuracy.

3. Each main motion guide rail adopts linear guide rail, which has low resistance and high precision.

4. Each control axis adopts Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and driver.

5. A variety of tools are designed for workpiece clamping, which is easy to operate.

6. Tool cooling can take external cooling and internal cooling as needed.

7. It is easy to process the diversion surface of the washbasin.

8. The semi-floating connection with advanced technology is used between the beam and the frame to ensure the stability of operation.
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