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What stone cutting blades are used for stone processing? Empty What stone cutting blades are used for stone processing?

Fri Dec 22, 2023 10:50 am
Which stone cutting blade to use for stone processing is a question that many stone accessories stores will consider. They will mainly choose based on sharpness and wear resistance!

First, it is necessary to ensure the rigidity and movement accuracy of the machine equipment. Only good rigidity and high-precision movement can suppress vibration at work, ensure smooth cutting, and make the stone cutting sheet processing more stable.

When cutting stone cutting blades, if the cutting speed remains unchanged, the sawing efficiency depends on the linear speed. Most stones have a good linear speed, and the wear of the saw blade is low at this speed.

Stone processing requires mining machinery in the early stage. The large stones mined are called blocks. Next, the blocks need to be processed. Block processing generally involves sawing and processing into stone slabs with stone cutting blades. For marble, it is also necessary. Small saw blades can be used for fine processing.

The processing of stone mainly involves a series of processes such as sawing, grinding, and polishing. The feasibility of stone processing by stone cutting blades is the ease of sawing, grinding, and polishing. These processes are very similar and are generally referred to as the feasibility of stone processing. Sawability and grindability.

The installation accuracy of the stone cutting blade and the spindle and the size of the saw blade chuck also have a great impact on sawing. Generally speaking, if the installation accuracy error is large, it will affect the sawing effect.
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