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Process analysis of hot pressing and cold pressing in diamond section Empty Process analysis of hot pressing and cold pressing in diamond section

Tue Feb 28, 2023 7:40 am
diamond segments

Here are two processes of diamond section: cold pressing and hot pressing

When processing diamond segments with grooves on both sides by traditional methods, there are two steps: first, cold pressing of diamond segments, and then hot pressing of diamond segments

Cold pressing of diamond section:

It is the shape required by the direct forming section on the cold pressing die. The cold pressing die consists of five parts, namely the upper pressing head, the lower pressing head, the center plate, the front end plate and the rear end plate. The arrangement order of each part is used to form the cavity required by the section. The periphery of the cold pressing die is fixed so that the cavity will not deform after being pressurized, and then the required powder is added to the cavity, the upper pressing head is loaded, and the high pressure is applied, When the powder is changed from loose to the solid shape of the desired section shape, stop pressurizing, disperse the fixed devices around the cold pressing mold, and separate the cold pressing mold, one by one take out section, and manually arrange the regular section for use

Hot pressing process of diamond segment:

That is, put the cold-pressed diamond segment on the hot-press mold and form it under high temperature and high pressure. The hot-press mold consists of five parts, namely, the upper indenter, the lower indenter, the middle plate, the end plate and the side plate. Use each part to form the cavity in sequence, put the cold-pressed diamond segment into the cavity, fix the periphery of the hot-press mold and then put it into the sintering equipment, melt the diamond segment under high temperature and high pressure, form the alloy, and finally form the zui, finally reduce the temperature and pressure, and remove the fastening device, Take out the diamond segment

In the process of segment manufacturing, the selection of segment matrix materials and the hot-pressing process are the more important links. Co-based and bronze-based alloy systems are widely selected as the matrix materials, but they can not be well separated in terms of production cost and application function. Through horizontal analysis, Fe-Ni-Cu-W alloy is proposed as the segment matrix materials. Through trial and application, more ambitious production cost and function are achieved

The manufacturing process of diamond segment can be described as the sintering process of metal powder under a certain pressure, which is a powder metallurgy process: the homogeneous and miscellaneous metal powder forms a sintered body with a certain shape and machine function through a series of physical and chemical impregnation such as dispersion, fusion welding, combination and recrystallization of powder particles at a high temperature (800-1000 ℃) and a certain pressure (180-250Kgf/cm2)
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