stone machinery and diamond tools
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How are diamond segments cut Empty How are diamond segments cut

Mon Aug 15, 2022 11:23 am
Whether the diamond segment adopts trochoidal machining, helical interpolation or high-feed milling, the purpose is to reduce the cutting force and reduce the temperature of the cutting zone. What is the specific impact?

Maintain a proper effective diamond segment wrap angle during machining, so that each effective machining tooth of the diamond segment can maximize the longest cooling time.

Maintaining an appropriate and reasonable effective wrapping angle of the tool during machining is very beneficial to improve the cutting efficiency of difficult-to-machine materials and prolong the machining life of the diamond segment, which is extremely important for machining difficult-to-machine material parts.

Properly controlling the cutting force and cutting speed of the diamond segment is also one of the most effective ways to reduce the temperature of the diamond segment processing area and prolong the life of the diamond segment.

Usually, when machining difficult-to-machine materials, finely ground tool edges, small cutting depth and cutting width are generally used. According to different difficult-to-machine materials, part structure and processing equipment, it is very important to select a reasonable cutting line speed.
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