stone machinery and diamond tools
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Application characteristics of diamond blade Empty Application characteristics of diamond blade

Mon Feb 21, 2022 9:13 am
Application characteristics of diamond blade


The utility model comprises a base body and a knife body. The above base body is provided with convex grooves along the disk-shaped edge, several dovetail grooves are evenly distributed along the circle, disordered dovetail convex wedges are arranged in the middle of two adjacent dovetail concave grooves, and a rib plate is arranged in the middle ring between the root of the convex groove and the bottom of several concave grooves. The upper knife body is fixedly connected with the dovetail concave groove On the convex ridge composed of dovetail convex wedge and rib plate.


Due to the adoption of the above structural form, when the tool body prevents forging and burning at the convex ridge, the tool body can not only make the tool body firmly connected to the substrate according to the reverse buckle effect of the dovetail concave groove, but also improve the fixed connection surface between the tool body and the substrate by combining the dovetail convex wedge and both sides of the rib plate with the surface of the core rod of the tool body, Thus, the firmness of the connection between the tool body and the matrix and the reliability of application are completed.
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