stone machinery and diamond tools
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Characteristics and applications of diamond blades Empty Characteristics and applications of diamond blades

Wed May 25, 2022 10:59 am
The diamond blade comprises a plate and a knife body. The above plate is provided with convex grooves along the disc edge, several dovetail grooves are evenly distributed along the circle, disordered dovetail convex wedges are set in the middle of two adjacent dovetail concave grooves, and vertical rib plates are set in the middle between the root of the convex groove and the bottom of several concave grooves. The above knife body is restrained from forging and fixed on the convex groove composed of dovetail concave groove, dovetail convex wedge and rib plate.

application area

Integrated circuit chip integrated optical fiber laser cutting and drilling; Jade jade crystal crafts production and processing; Production technology: Pottery optical glass production and processing; Medical specimen collection, optical cable connection, production and processing; The silicone rubber sealing strip of the car is broken, the shop robber turns over the bundle of injection molded products, contains several back inspection metal composite materials, the bone pit white micro spare frame is broken, and other valuable raw materials are milled for production and processing.
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