stone machinery and diamond tools
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Manufacturing method of diamond blade Empty Manufacturing method of diamond blade

Mon Jun 13, 2022 9:49 am
Diamond blade is a common laser cutting tool, which is widely used in the production of hard and brittle raw materials such as natural marble and pottery The diamond blade is mainly composed of two parts; Substrate and blade The base material is an important fulcrum part of the bonded blade, and the blade is a part of the laser cutting in the whole process of application. The blade will continue to consume in the application, while the base material is not easy. The blade can usually start the laser cutting because it contains diamond. As a hard chemical at present, diamond friction in the blade is the overall goal of laser cutting production and manufacturing The diamond fine particles are wrapped in the blade by metal composite materials In the whole process of application, the green body of metal composite materials is consumed together with diamond. Generally, the ideal situation is that the green body of metal composite materials is consumed faster than fine steel, which can not only ensure the sharpness of the blade, but also ensure that the blade has a long service life

With the rapid development of cars, international airlines and aerospace, the requirements for raw material characteristics and manufacturing professionalism are increasing. New materials such as carbon fiber polyurethane elastomer raw materials, fine particle lifting metal composite matrix fiber materials (PRMMC) and structural ceramics have been widely used. This kind of raw material has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good wear resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion, which makes the management decision that the service life of the cutting tool is very short when machining them. The design and development of new wear-resistant and stable superhard milling tools is a research topic of technological innovation in many colleges, research institutions and companies. Diamond combines many excellent characteristics such as theoretical mechanics, optoelectronic devices, thermology, acoustic materials, optoelectronic devices, etc. it has very high compressive strength, low friction, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and analytical chemical ductility. It is an ideal raw material for the production and processing of cutting tools.

At present, there are four important diamond manufacturing methods: plastic film coated tools, thick film diamond arc welding tools, diamond calcined body tools and uniaxial crystal diamond tools.
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