stone machinery and diamond tools
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An indispensable assistant in the construction industry: rope saw Empty An indispensable assistant in the construction industry: rope saw

Mon Oct 17, 2022 10:25 am
Nowadays, building materials are very important to every part of our life However, some hard materials, such as stone, are relatively troublesome to handle, which can not be separated from the help of the rope saw. Because a large number of materials with different properties are used according to the specific use of housing construction Because these buildings need continuous renovation to be suitable for decoration, some of these materials need to be cut and rebuilt with linear cutting tools

The wire saw sawing system has been widely used in sawing metal, stone and concrete. At the above sites, the current wire saw machine size is too large to operate The reason is that the rated power provided by its transmission components is too large, and its design is too cumbersome, so it is necessary to develop a particularly small wire saw sawing system In order to develop an advanced wire saw system to meet the market demand, not only wire saw end users and research institutes, but also equipment and tool manufacturing companies actively participated in the research project
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