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What's the best about the rope saw cutting technology Empty What's the best about the rope saw cutting technology

Mon Nov 21, 2022 10:54 am

Wire saw is applicable to all types of mines, while flame cutting is only applicable to mines with high quartz content and few cracks. Strong function and high efficiency. The cutting depth is two to three times of flame cutting. The rope saw can cut vertically, horizontally and diagonally, and can also cut blindly. However, flame cutting can only cut vertically. High yield and low comprehensive cost< br />

Firstly, the cut surface of the rope saw is very flat and will not cause any internal damage to the block. Secondly, the saw seam is small, which will not waste our resources; However, the flame cutting section will be rough and uneven, and will cause certain internal damage to the block. Moreover, the large sawing gap will cause a great waste of resources, and the mining cost is also high.

It is safe and environmentally friendly. The wire saw mining has no noise or dust, does not affect the nearby residents and other working faces, and has a high degree of automation, separate control, low labor intensity and high safety; However, the noise and dust of flame cutting are very large, which seriously affect the operation of nearby residents and other workers, and the labor intensity of workers is high, and the safety is relatively low< br />

To sum up, in today's increasingly scarce resources and soaring oil prices, wire saw mining granite has significant economic and social benefits.
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