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Let's reveal the principle of wire saw cutting Empty Let's reveal the principle of wire saw cutting

Fri Nov 11, 2022 10:23 am
In recent years, wire saw cutting has become more and more popular on the construction site, which has brought great convenience to the project and saved a lot of time. What is its principle? Hurry up and have a simple understanding:

The wire saw cutting construction is an advanced concrete structure cutting separation technology. This cutting process is driven by a pressure motor to drive a steel wire with a diameter of diamond serrations to rotate around the cutting object at a high speed. The cutting machine can change the direction of the steel wire through the guide wheel, and can cut concrete in any direction, thickness, and angle In addition, the process can cut in complex, special and difficult environments (and the size of the cutting pieces can be controlled at will, the construction speed is fast, the cut of the cutting pieces is straight and smooth, the lifting is convenient, the noise is low, there is no vibration, no dust, no waste gas pollution, and it meets the requirements of environmental protection

In addition to treatment, especially for the demolition of super large concrete structures, the rope saw cutting method also has technical advantages that can not be compared with any other method Because it belongs to static cutting, it has no damage to the parts to be retained, high operation safety, no damage to the environment, technical stability, strong power, and improved cutting ability and labor productivity
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