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 Precautions for cutting marble cutting pieces Empty Precautions for cutting marble cutting pieces

Thu Aug 03, 2023 8:05 am

Very common in marble processing. When it comes to cutting marble, it needs no introduction. It is a professional cutting piece for all kinds of marble stone. Now we can see it in many places, such as in architectural decoration.

Mainly used for stone cutting. Here we mainly understand the correct and effective cutting. What should I pay attention to?

First, prepare the marble cutting pieces for cutting. According to the angle grinder used by the saw blade, the angle grinder is generally hand-held. The most common is the cutting machine that can be bought in the hardware store. After choosing the machine, first measure the size, cut it into the size you need now, and then install and fix the stone slab.

It is best to add water when cutting. The purpose of adding water is twofold. One is to reduce the flying of dust, and the other is to reduce the temperature of the marble cutting blade during cutting. This can increase the service life of the saw blade, and the saw blade will not be deformed due to excessive temperature, thereby improving the cutting accuracy.

Use a portable disc cutter to install the marble cutting blade and cut from the back of the tile. The square hole is intact from the surface of the tile, but the back is scratched. When opening a round hole, use a portable disc cutter to install a marble cutting piece to cut from the back of the tile, and cut a cross in the middle. Knock a round hole from the surface.

Install the marble cutting disc on the cutting machine, adjust the cutting depth, place the artificial marble on the workbench, determine the size and start cutting.

Now lay the artificial marble flat, measure the size with a ruler and draw a line, then install the stone cutting blade and cut slowly from the line. If necessary, water can be added to the mineral water bottle for greater efficiency.
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