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 Infrared bridge stone cutter machine should pay attention to Empty Infrared bridge stone cutter machine should pay attention to

Wed Apr 26, 2023 9:43 am
Infrared bridge stone cutting machine is widely used in the industry and is favored by customers. Mechanical operation is a very important matter, which has a huge impact on production. Then the infrared bridge stone cutting machine needs What should you pay attention to? We will analyze and explain for you. Infrared bridge integrated bridge cutting machine

1. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to operate. If it will cause dust during the operation, wear a mask or face shield.

2. Do not try to cut small unclamped workpieces.

3. This stone cutting machine is only allowed to cut profiles.

4. Do not perform strong sawing operations, and make the motor reach full speed before cutting.

5. No one is allowed to stand behind the saw.

6. Do not lean over or around the saw machine, and do not release any hand or raise your arm from the saw or workpiece while the saw blade is not stopped.

7. Do not operate when the guard is not in place, and do not put your hands within 15 cm from the saw blade.

8. Cut off the power supply before repairing or replacing accessories, and wait for the saw blade to stop completely.

9. If abnormal sound is found, stop checking immediately.
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