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Common troubleshooting of bridge cutting machine Empty Common troubleshooting of bridge cutting machine

Fri Apr 26, 2024 10:44 am
1. If the shaft head rotates inflexibly or the noise is high during operation, the bearing may be damaged. Just replace the bearing. Since the shaft head is running at high speed for a long time, the bearing is easily damaged and the bearing must be replaced every 3-4 months.

2. If the shaft head does not rotate during operation, the motor may be damaged. Just replace the motor.

3. If the load is too heavy during work, the blade may not be crazy, just replace the blade.

4. Elimination of edge collapse:

(1) Both sides chipped when inserting bricks: a. The blade is not sharp, b. Insufficient water cooling, c. The track is not parallel to the four guides, d. The machine head bearing is damaged.

(2) The main reason why one side collapses when inserting bricks is that the blade and the track are not in a parallel line.

When the machine fails, it should be inspected and repaired as soon as possible. The bridge cutting machine should also be maintained and maintained normally.
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