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Safety precautions for the use of stone cutting machines Empty Safety precautions for the use of stone cutting machines

Thu Sep 08, 2022 10:53 am
Stone cutting machine is a high-efficiency stone equipment. It is widely used in the industry and is favored by customers. Machinery safety is a problem that we should all pay attention to, and it is also an important matter in machinery production. Today we will explain to you about stone Safety precautions for the use of cutting machines.

1. The operator must have the knowledge of general machinery and electrical appliances, and remember to wear insulating gloves when operating.

2. When the machine head needs to be tilted for cutting bevels or bevels, the machine head should be raised to the uppermost part along the up and down rotating fan surface, and then loosen the bolts on the tilting head of the machine head. In order to prevent the machine head during operation It will suddenly tilt and fall down. When loosening the bolts, support the machine head with your hands.

3. Before starting the stone cutting machine, be sure to check whether the bolts and nuts of each part are loose, check the power supply and wiring for leakage, and check whether the direction of the saw blade is aligned with the arrow of the protective cover. The direction of the device is consistent, and it can be used after checking it.

4. Remember to check and maintain the machine regularly during the use of the machine. The walking axles under the workbench, the main bearing components and the bearing components of the manual feeding device should be checked regularly to clean up the dirt and add some butter. During the working process If there is noise or abnormal vibration, stop the machine to check in time, and remove the abnormal situation before turning it on for use.
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