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How to replace the grinding wheel of a stone cutting machine Empty How to replace the grinding wheel of a stone cutting machine

Tue Dec 12, 2023 2:49 am
The cutting blades used on the cutting machine are only two types: metal (or hard alloy) and diamond grinding wheels, but their sizes are determined according to the cutting machine. Therefore, you can find stone cutting machines and their cutting blades from professional stone cutting tool suppliers As long as you provide the cutting machine model, the supplier will list all the metal saw blades or grinding wheels for you to choose from and exchange them freely

1. First, align the wrench with the hole on the fixed block of the cutting machine and loosen it counterclockwise

2. It should be noted that there is a small button at the back of the cutting machine, which needs to be held down before the cutting blade can be twisted out, otherwise it cannot be twisted out

3. After loosening, remove the fixed block and old cutting blade of the cutting machine

4. Then install the new cutting blade and tighten the fixed block, don't forget that the button at the back still needs to be pressed

5. Finally, the replacement of the [url=]grinding wheel [/url]for the handheld stone cutting machine is completed
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